Most Important Considerations:

Price: Critically important

Prices are subjective and difficult to predict. It is crucial to consider recent sold, active, and pending properties to ensure a true range of value is set. Overpricing a home can be detrimental to the sale. In order to capitalize on the most invested buyers and the top value the market has to offer, we need to be realistic and focus on today’s true market value.


It is important to look at your home objectively through the eyes of the buyer. This step could mean the difference between your property selling at the best price or sitting on the market; a step that is often overlooked by listing agents. Given current market conditions, it is imperative to ensure your property outshines the competition.

Marketing Plan

Staging, professionally taken photos, and a comprehensive marketing plan are essential to ensure your property is presented to all buyers in the best possible light. This positive exposure very well may be the reason the buyer chooses your house over another.

Agent Knowledge

The person you choose to represent you in the sale of your home could be pivotal to your success. Every decision, marketing tool, follow-up or lack of, impacts your ability to sell for the best possible price. Agents representing sellers need to be able to successfully navigate through a changing market. This involves not only keeping current on real estate trends, projections, and current inventory, but also knowing how to utilize this information to the seller’s benefit.