finding Our Why

  • November 8th, 2017
  • by Colleen Sprague

When my husband, Doug approached me with the business model for Firefly Real Estate over 7 years ago, I listened carefully but was skeptical. That skepticism soon faded and turned into nervous anticipation, excitement and passion. At the time Doug and I were top producing real estate agents working at a big box brokerage. Given the business model of a traditional real estate brokerage and its limitations and downfalls, the more he shared with me the more I loved the idea of servicing a niche – not trying to be all things to all people, but focusing on a community that we love and know best. I also loved and appreciated Doug’s idea of providing a better value for our services and consistently working to provide a better client experience. With those goals in mind we carefully choose the best support team in the business, seeking out and interviewing title and closing companies, trade contractors, photographers, stagers, videographers, and most importantly finding the agents that matched our purpose.

Fast forward 7 years.

Wauwatosa has embraced the ideals that we stand for. Our community has said over and over again that it wants to work with a company that is independent, a company that understands what makes our community tick and a company that believes in a client-centered way of doing business. But mostly we hear that Wauwatosa appreciates Firefly Real Estate because of the experience of working with us.

One of the most unplanned and beautiful outcomes for us has been the company culture that has organically developed. In an industry that is highly competitive and fosters a dog-eat-dog mentality, we sit amongst a group of people at Firefly that work side by side, positively supporting and inspiring each other making for a strong and positive work environment. The trickle down effect has been a huge benefit to all Firefly clients, as they have many minds working on solutions.

We provide value in being Tosa focused, client-centered, radically honest and service minded. These guiding principles have and will always be what inspires and drives us at Firefly Real Estate.

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  1. Collen watching the philosophy and principals that you and Doug have built in Firefly makes me very proud that my team is able to represent your team and family of agents. I thank you from one business owner to another to tell you our team loves being able to photograph your homes and work with your fabulous team. Love your success and wishing your team much success in 2018. Thanks for what you bring to Wauwatosa.

    Lynn Darnieder
    Wi Sign Photo LLC

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