Preparing For A Sale

When considering a home sale there are SO many things to consider. One of the most important is what to do to get the house ready for a sale.  If you are considering a sale within the next 1-2 years it is the perfect time to think about preparing your home.

When a Firefly agent walks through your home, he or she is looking at the house through the eyes of the buyer.  This is an important step, as we do not want you to over-improve your house for a sale, or miss things that will be a stopping point for buyers.  We will let you know what changes or improvements will give you a return and/or help you get the house sold.

Condition is the first consideration – Do the hardwood floors need to be refinished? Do I need to paint the walls?  What about the roof leak we had last year – do we need to do anything about that?  We never landscaped the front – will that matter in the sale?  What about our original bathroom? Discussing the condition and making recommended changes will be important to your success as a seller.  Important to note: most sellers think they have to do more than they do. Just because it bothers you does not mean that it will be a stumbling block for a buyer.

Staging and visual preparation
– Believe it or not, this is just as important as the condition preparation.  We, as consumers, are excessively visual and this holds true with home buyers as well.  The bar has been raised as to what the buyers expect to see when they walk into a home.  Home staging is a very different process than decorating. Staging is designed to accentuate the positives of your home, make your space feel larger or, in some cases, cozier, and help the buyer to see themselves there.  Sometimes, less is more.  Sometimes more is needed.  Our professional stagers have you covered.  Firefly is proud to provide complimentary professional staging and a home stylist for our sellers.

Considering your timing (next week’s blog), looking at the condition, having a staging plan and a proven marketing plan are all going to benefit you as a seller for finding and engaging more buyers and, ultimately, getting more money for your home.  Let us help you properly plan when selling your home.  Give us a call and experience The Firefly Difference.

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