What does growth look like to Firefly?

Our Firefly Real Estate office is at the corner of Swan Blvd and North Ave – we love it here! We are super excited and grateful to have the opportunity to expand and double our office space. (We will be expanding into the Mode retail space.)

As we grow our office space we are looking to grow our team of agents – but not like you may think.  The old-school real estate brokerage business model is to hire as many agents as possible AND try extremely hard to recruit high-producing real estate agents.

We are not most real estate brokerages.  Our hiring philosophy is different.  We are not looking to be the brokerage that has the most agents.  When we consider hiring a veteran agent we look at the person, not their production to determine if they are a good fit for our company.

The questions we as owners ask ourselves when considering a new agent are:

  • Do they fit our culture?
  • Do we feel they will put their clients first in EVERY situation?
  • Do they come to the table with the ‘heart of a teacher’?


These hiring practices have served us and our clients well, and we wouldn’t change them for anything!

If you think you might be a fit for Firefly Real Estate, have thought about getting into real estate and/or would like to be involved in a company this is definitely “not your grandfather’s real estate company” give us a call.  Let’s start the conversation.

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