The below are general suggestions.  Nothing will compare to having an experienced real estate agent do a walk though, looking at the house through the eyes of the buyer.  Then you will know what is not necessary to do and what is necessary to do to improve your equity position.  This conversation should be different with every seller, as agents should consider your location, overall condition and updates when making suggestions, as some properties given their desirability in our marketplace will sell for top dollar without the seller making fixes or doing any updating. 
Yard and Exterior

First impressions are important. Be sure to clean up the yard, trim the bushes, paint if necessary. Creating great curb appeal will make your home stand out over other homes the buyer may be viewing.

Front Entry

Make the entry warm and inviting. The moment the buyer steps into the house can be pivotal to a great first impression.


Declutter! This depersonalizes the home and enables the buyer to mentally move their things into the house. Consider renting a storage unit, it can be a very effective way to declutter and mentally prepare you, the seller, for a move.

Clean like a professional

Buyers need to feel the house is sparkling clean. Pay special attention to the kitchen, bathrooms, light fixtures, and windows.

Small Fixes

Anything minor that needs to be repaired should be done prior to listing. For example, broken or burned out light fixtures, outlets not functioning, broken window panes, loose or missing railings, etc. Taking care of the little things gives a buyer less to be concerned about and shows that your home has been well maintained.